AC Service in Vadodara

AC Service in Vadodara

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We provide outstanding AC Service in Vadodara, Call us now to resolve your AC issues.

HVAC Repair Service Vadodara
HVAC Repair Service Vadodara
Deep Freezer Repair Service Vadodara
Deep Freezer Repair Service Vadodara
VRF System Repair Service Vadodara
VRF System Repair Service Vadodara
Chiller Repair Service Vadodara
Chiller Repair Service Vadodara
AC Service in Vadodara
AC Repair Services Vadodara
Water Cooler Repair Service Vadodara
Water Cooler Repair Service Vadodara

We treat your air conditioning issues very responsibly because we highly value client’s trust and do not want to risk our reputation. For this very reason, we use only high-quality materials and professional equipment.

AC Repair Service in Vadodara 

Air Conditioning Maintenance Service Checklist

AC Service

AC Repair Service Description

Condenser Coil Cleaning Dirty condenser coils increase refrigerant pressure higher than required, which leads to increase your electric bill. So, the cleaning of condenser coil time to time is necessary.
Refrigerant Charge A low or high refrigerant charge cannot be noticed easily and it leads to increase operating costs up to 30%.
Refrigerant charge is checked by superheat or subcooling method and if required Thermocharging has to be done.
We do AC refrigerant charging very carefully, as the improper charge can cause compressor shutdown and stop working.
Controls & Safeties Inspection Controls and safeties that do not work properly may lead to increase in the operation cost and it may also cause other components to fail.
So, proper analysis, inspection, and testing of Air Conditioner controls is very necessary.
Relays & Contractors Inspection Worn contacts and loose wire connections can lead to motor or compressor fail in working.
So, inspecting the relays and contractors is important for proper functioning of Air Conditioner for long life.
Crankcase Heater Inspection Crankcase heaters are inspected operationally, the crankcase heaters in an air conditioner that do not work may lead to failure in compressor working.
Complete crankcase heater issue needs to be resolved for air conditioners proper working and healthy long life.
Unit Wiring Inspection Loose connections issue can lead to a motor, control, or compressor failure, hence failure in air conditioning system.
We do detailed analysis and testing to check loose connections and resolve them tightening the loose connections.
Temperature & Pressures Inspection An accurate record of your equipment is taken and recorded to do an inspection.
This vital data can indicate the potential problems in Air Conditioner.
We do complete testing and eliminate the issue to reduce the emergency service time.
Capacitors Testing Bad or damaged capacitors can lead to compressor and motor failure.
We do complete AC Service to maintain your Air Conditioner for long life.
Unit Disconnect Testing A worn or overheated disconnect may blow fuses and it is very dangerous. So to protect from this issue we provide best AC Service to make your Air Conditioner breath healthy for the long run.
Lubrication Testing Lubrication has application to motors & bearings, Improperly lubricated rotating equipment will eventually fail in the short period of time.
We provide complete AC Service in Vadodara to solve your AC repair issues hassle free.
Belts & Pulleys Testing Loose belts and worn pulleys of your air conditioner decrease the air flow in the room, which leads to increase in operating costs and shorten the compressor’s life.
Belts crack and break with age, so we do proper inspection & adjustment to improve your air conditioners life.
Air Filter Testing A restricted air filter can cause your air conditioning unit to waste energy and shorten the compressor’s life.
We do AC Air filter replacement as per customers need and requirements.
Voltage & Amp Testing Improper voltage and amp draw increase operating costs and can shorten the life of any motor.
The draw of the blower motor, compressor & condenser fan motors checked & recorded to provide the best AC service in Vadodara.
Thermostat Testing Improperly calibrated thermostats will cause the AC unit to run longer than necessary. It will increase in electric bill.
Every degree your air conditioner operates below 78 degrees can add 5%-8% to the total cost of cooling.
So we do complete check and calibration of the thermostat, to save your electricity bill.
Motors Testing Dirty motors are less efficient and will fail very soon, we do complete AC motor cleaning service of your Air Conditioner to make it breathe for long life.

AC Brands We Service

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